Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Kelantan Fried Chicken

Kelantan Freid Chicklen

Boh M@nners!? Use Kentucky Fried Chicken's acronym without permission and spelled it as Kelantan Freid Chicklen!

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Calvin Foon said...

that's a blatant violation of copyright!!!
Freid Chicklen? Really? I hope their chicken isn't as bad as their English..well, at least it's cheap.

Anonymous said...

i already tested the chicken. truly amazing. 95% same as KFC n i like this one better. what r u trying to do actually? distribute falseness of the name n wanna bring down the business? what kind of citizen r u trying to bring down ur own country men busiess. there's a lot of shortform in alphabet using by many companies all around the world. mostly same alphabets shortform but different meaning. just like last year's case regarding McCurry using by an indian entrepreneur which our country men. did McDonald won? far from it bcoz the term Mc is too general. normally being used for the men name in Wales, UK.

andoryu said...

Mr. Anony, since when I distribute falseness of the name? This is the actual banner!

Secondly, since when I wanna bring down the business? Do I have such power to do that? You made me laugh so hard.

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